Severe Negotiations
OC Weekly, April 12, 2002
by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Think that the only thing in Orange County are aging punk rockers and Disneyland? Well, you're right, but there's also a gallery in Huntington Beach called The Office can be added to the mix. Open for almost a year in an office building (hence the title), this gallery is presenting very interesting work. I went down to the OC today and checked out their latest show Severe Negotiations that is curated by Tyler Stallings and features the artwork of Carrie Paterson, Kim Russo, Eve Wood.

Carrie Paterson's piece was my favorite in the show and if Chris (Office owner) hadn't have pointed it out to me I probably wouldn't have noticed it. But I think that's half of what makes it so good. From the outside, a constructed elevator cab looks like it belongs there; like you could walk in, press a button, and go to the third floor. But nope, it's a fabulous art piece that once you get inside, the ceiling drops down closer to your head and then you have to escape through a little trap down close to the floor. It was really great. I love art pieces that create uncomfortable environments and I always seem to enjoy it when artists play with architecture.

Eve Wood's pieces were in the adjacent room and looked good. I particularly like the tree branches with blossoms in some of the works. They not only looked beautiful but added a calming element to the somewhat disconcerning nature (KKK) of the works. Apparently her great, great grandfather was a member and so these paintings deal with family secrets and, obviously, the effect this can have. In the back room are watercolors by Kim Russo. I really liked these works...they are smallish and I the paper was luscious. The blow-up dolls are a little creepy but that might be the point...juxtaposing them with Minnie Mouse and all. All-in-all, a great show and it seems that they have more coming. Oh, and there will be a website for The Office soon.

Severe Negotiations continues through April 2nd. The Office: 5122 Bolsa Ave. Suite #110, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: 714-767-5861 / Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 1-5 p.m. Posted by Caryn at March 3, 2004 08:12 PM